Marek Zagulski

CEO and Co-founder, Genomed SA


Dr. Marek Zagulski is a co-owner and the CEO of an innovative company, Genomed SA.
During his scientific career (mostly at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, IBB PAS), collaborating within the framework of the Yeast Genome Sequencing Project, he has been involved in the birth of a new research area - Genomics - since its beginning. After a short postdoctoral stay in the US, he became involved in the next genomic project – Sequencing of the Genome of Paramecium tetraurelia. Simultaneously, he gained vast experience in commercializing the results of his scientific work. In the years 2000-2007, he was a driving force for  establishing a core facility specializing in DNA sequencing and synthesis at IBB PAS – at the time, the biggest service of this kind in Poland – and finally decided, with a group of collaborators, to create a company of their own. Genomed SA is a unique group in Poland, which assembles molecular biologists, genetic diagnosticians, bioinformaticians and medical doctors. The present-day activities of the company are focused on introducing genomic technology to personalized medicine, a new sector in health care services based on a complete knowledge of the DNA sequence of a patient’s genome. Currently, Genomed provides a diagnostic service that comprises DNA analysis and diagnostics of congenital diseases, based on DNA sequencing, for more than 300 scientific centers, biotechnological companies and medical institutions. The company has been established to develop molecular diagnostics based on NGS to the level of commercial genome sequencing and analysis, and subsequently, Personal genomics. An individual genome sequence obtained will serve as the basis for diagnostics, preventive health care, as well as for enzyme replacement and gene therapies.